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Login & Sign module with email confirmation, forgot my password and JWT Authentification

I will explain how this API works, we'll look dependence modules, and finally we will review the entire implementation.


  • Allows to fill a basic form to register as a new user. (This form will validate that the fields are ok and that all required fields are filled).
  • The user is stored in a database of our backend (the password is stored encrypted) then an email is sent to validate the new account.
  • The confirmation email will activate the account created
  • A login form, validate that 'user' & 'password' are correct and by Jason Web Token will provide the user token
  • The authentication token can be stored using localStorage or sessionStorage in the terminal user to avoid having to make new login.
  • Forgot my password option, allow you to send an email to change the password using a new form with a token that will expire at 2 min.

HOW TO deploy it

Install Node.js & MongoDB if you haven't already.

Clone this repository and install its dependencies.
sudo git clone http://github
cd login
npm install.

In a separate shell start the MongoDB daemon.

From within the login directory, start the server.
node app

Review doc prettify